Simple vegetable and Gorgonzola pasta 

Here comes a super simple and vegetarian recipe perfect for an indulgent dinner with a glass of wine! It contains only 6 ingredients and really, it couldn’t be easier to throw together!

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queso fresco

If your plan is to cook up some tacos, burritos or maybe a Mexican-style salad bowl, this fluffy, light, creamy cheesy goodness is probably my favourite side. It is cheap, simple to make and offers an amazing freshness and coolness to your spicy Mexican feast.

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Pangrattato is a fantastic condiment from Italy which is said to have been created as a “poor mans parmigiano”. It is amazing on top of pasta or soup to add some crunch, on top of fish to add some texture or instead of croutons on a salad! The basic recipe is incredibly simple and when you have mastered it, you can mix it up in countless ways to compliment a dish of your choice.

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Shakshouka is a fantastic dish that I love to have on my veggie-repertoire! The dish is believed to have North African and Jewish origin. It is a simple dish with complex flavours and it is spicy and sweet, healthy and hearty and just absolutely delicious. In this recipe I serve it with rice, salad and hummus as a brilliant dinner. However, if served simply with some bread or as it is, it also makes a hearty breakfast. Try it, you will not regret it!

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